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  • 25 January 2023
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Bonjour !

Je souhaite partir dans les Pouilles en italie pendant quelques jours en JUin.

Si je commande le pass interrail Italie, tous les trains (partneaires) me seront gratuits et illimités ou faut il encore ajouter de l’argent lors de la réservation? 

merci !


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3 replies

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Some regions in IT also offer their own special rover tickets (passes)only valid in there, some only in summer/holiday time. As I have no idea which area you mean-use the IT name please- it is impossible to answer what is best.

And yes, esp the FRench seem very prone to misunderstanding that a 1 country does NOT include the section by this state strike burocracy named SNCF to border.

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summer/holiday time. As I have no idea which area you mean-use the IT name please-

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Reservation fees apply for trains that require reservations, in Italy this is €10 for Frecce… trains and €3 for Intercity IC trains.


Also, as this seems to be a regular misunderstanding, One country passes are only for travel within that country. To get to/from Italy you will need either to buy a Global pass or pay for those journeys separately.


If you are only making a single trip to Italy and back may be cheaper to buy this as regular tickets.

If your travel while in Italy will involve multiple days of trips on longer train journeys then Interrail may save you money over regular tickets. If you will only use local or regional trains then buying regular tickets which are cheap for local travel or using the Trenitalia - “Italy on tour” ticket may be better value.