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  • 25 December 2022
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I am trying to pay for a Global Pass with a Barclays Visa (USA) and keep getting a message Authentication Failed. I've tried changing browsers, changing computers, and called the credit card company. The card company pre-authorized the purchase and did everything on their side to try to get the payment to go through. From this board, sounds like others have had similar problems. I really want to use this particular credit card for the payment. Is there any other way that I can buy the pass if I can't do it on


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2 replies

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Does this credit card support 2-factor authorisation? If not, then that might be the problem.

You could ask customer support what the problem is:

You could also try

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USA! There are often-as you also note, minor differences beween what in EUR is considered as outmoded US-banking practice and what we use here. Plus that for all EUR a cr cd is the only one they may have out of normal banking, and often even not at all-without all the fuss for discounts or special offers etc.

The simplest method to me is: use another seller-an agency or the like. As usual dr google will spit out dozens of them in milli-secs. That was untill the mobile passes came also the normal way to get such a pass in NAFTA. Most such ´agents´ were smart guys in campus having done the EUrail and also delivering-for ´free´ with sale, many hints and advice.