Prolong/extend my interrail Global Pass

  • 26 December 2021
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I started travelling with my Interrail Global Paper pass since december 11. I have four travel days included, but I would like to extend it to 5 days or a two months pass with more days. How would I go about changing the pass? Is it a problem that it is a paper pass? Can my new one be a mobile pass? How long would the process take?


thank you trainlovers 🚂!


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2 replies

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Hey Heleen,

just buy a new one. If you need it immediately and want to have a paper one, then you should be able to buy it at the station (mostly, depends on the country where you are now). Otherwise just go for the mobile one.

Safe travels

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Changing an Interrail is not possible once you've started to use it.