Question about the start of eurail pass validity start date

  • 12 March 2022
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Hello, sorry if this has been asked before. If I buy eurail pass today for 7 days in 1 month and then book a night train using the eurail, does the 1 month start when I finished the booking process or when I started travelling?


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2 replies

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With a paper pass, you have to choose the start date when you buy the pass.

With a mobile pass, you can choose the start date yourself later, within 11 months of purchase.

Also see this comparison between mobile and paper pass.

A night train will only need one travel day (the date of departure) if you do not change trains after midnight.

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So IF you start the whole trip with a overnite-train, then day of DEParture is start day. If wanted-you could also use as many trains as you can manage on that day too. (f.e. for a short daytrip)