Questions about my Itinerary and Eurail

  • 4 March 2024
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I’m traveling from


Milan - Tirano

Tirano - Chur (The Famous Train Ride)

Chur - Fussen

Fussen - Inssbruck

Inssbruck - Salzburg

Salzburg - Munich


All these places in a maximu of 10 days time with my wife. From 16-24 of MAY


I don’t understand much how your eurail pass work.


Can you explain If getting the eurail will allow me to go to all of these places and save money?


Thank you.


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Eurail is valid everywhere along this route yes. Have a look at these 2 helpful links and do not hesitate to come back with other questions :

About prices : you need to compare separate tickets vs Eurail. Eurail is probably worth the convenience and flexibility.

PS : The Bernina Railway is stunning, great choice! Btw no need to pay 36 CHF extra for the panorama carriages, simply travel on the regular ones at the front : less busy, reservation-free, pull-down windows,… :)