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  • 12 April 2023
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Hi, when making seat reservations are they only needed between the stations listed or for the whole journey. For example, I want to travel from Paris to Milan. The booking indicates seat reservations are required. I cannot book a seat all the way through from Paris to Milan. Do I need to book only from Paris to Macon - ie between the 2 stations listed; or do 1 seat reservation for the French section and another for the Italian?

When trying to book seats with Italian Rail, they are not accepting my Pass Code for the booking. Just keeps rejecting the entry. 

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3 replies

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On reservation compulsory trains you need reservations for the entirety of your journey on that train.

Paris - Milan can be booked through eurail’s booking platform.

Italian day trains should be booked through OBB.


Details of the best options for obtaining reservations can be found in this thread.


Hi Al_G, thank you for your reply and help. Very clear. I have been trying to make a seat reservation for a variety of trains from Paris to Milan. They always come up as there is an error. Not that there are no seats but an error.

is this just another way of saying no seats or are there likely to be seats and I have to book another way.

thanks again 

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What is the travel date ? Be aware that you can only use the TGV (Paris-Gare de Lyon - Milano Porta Garibaldi). The cross-border Frecciarossa is not included in the pass.