Should I purchase a Pass for a set number of days or not?

  • 7 February 2022
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Despite all the answers I remain confused regarding the need or not to purchase a pass for set number of days for 1 or 2 months.

My visit will extend from late April into the 3rd week of May.  I do not need it to extend for 60 days, only across about 30 days from 4-24.  

The 15 day icon & the 22 day icon show consecutive days, but commentary suggests that the pass begins on the initial day of use & allows use throughout a month period.  

Realize I seem dense as a brick, but don’t wish to buy 15 across 2 months unless required.  

Any assistance appreciated.

1 reply

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It is all clearly listed on the page that shows all passes. For 15 or 22 days you can choose, and there are different prices:

either all the days in a row

or spread out over a period of max 2 monthes using traveldays

Now you may guess what will be the cheaper one………….

Though the difference is not that big in price.

IF you choose the X days in 1 or 2 monthes then the pass is used up when you have done your last passday. NOone forces you to spread that out untill day 60-if its done on day 27 or 33, really noone cares.

Depending on your plans on where to travel and on what trains, there may be sky-high extraś to pay (applies to all those brits who use €* then the direct TGV to Barcelona) or hardly any-though you cannot escape €*. Most often a bus to Paris/BRU will be even cheaper. And with a bit of luck that bus will even cross channel on the train…….or on the ferry.