Start interrailing outside of country of residence

  • 4 December 2022
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I’m currently on holiday with friends in Switzerland and would like to travel with interrail, using Switzerland as my starting country. I am a citizen of the UK and I am a resident of Germany. I wish to travel to France for one week, then return to Switzerland for a few days, and then travel from Switzerland to Austria (for a few days), and finally travel from Austria back to Germany. Would it be possible to  select my country of residence as Germany, but start my trip in Switzerland?


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2 replies

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You can start wherever you like. You just need to be able to prove you are entitled to a German rather than a UK interrail. For your journeys a UK one would be better as you can then travel in Germany without the inward outbound restrictions 

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If you don't plan to travel in the UK it is better to choose UK as country of residence. Then, as @cdwatkins19 says, you can travel as you like in Germany without having to bother about the outbound/inbound rule.