Summer Trip from Prague (or Ústí nad Labem) to Zürich with Global Pass

  • 6 March 2023
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Hi there! So, me (Student, 23) and my partner (29) want to travel with the night train to Zürich this summer. We are trying to find the best deal and the interrail Global Pass seems like a great option, however, the information is very unclear and I cannot find any verified information (besides the map, which does not confirm if the night train is appliacable) , so I figured I could ask you.😊

  1. Can the global pass be used from Praha hl. nádraží (or Ústí nad Labem hl. nádraží) to Zürich Hbf, with no transfers? (we would have to book the sleeper extra, I know that). We would prefer to travel with the EC 458 Canopus (Praha - Dresden - Zürich), but if the only supported route is EC 337 Jižní expres /EN 462/EN 466 (Praha - Salzburg - Zürich), we could take that as well.
  2. What trains can we travel with in Switzerland with the same global pass? I have found this map (, but I would appreciate a list of possible connections/routes. 
  3. Is it actually more economical to use the Global pass (519 € for us two for 5 days) and purchase just the reservation (seems around 90 € for both of us for one trip, so 180 € in total)? = 700 € with interrail global pass. I think it is convenient only if we can really use up to 300 € travelling in the Switzerland. 

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Hello. Good questions

  1. Yes, both are included. Usually the sleeper that goes over Austria is a bit cheaper. But all depending from the time you want to travel of course. When do you plan this trip?
  2. That map is correct. Do note that interrail validity is per company, not per line. Basically you can go practically everywhere, except on some touristic railways high up in the Alps, south of Interlaken (to Grindelwald and the Jungfraujoch - and a unresolved issue involving Thurbo trains)
  3. You’ll have to calculate yourself a bit, and compare the ordinary prices. There’s also the one country pass in Switzerland (only valid for trains) and the Swiss travel Pass (including all public transport, as well as some museums). It could be interesting to combine one of these passes, with ordinary tickets from Prague. Switzerland is expensive, so if you travel a lot by train you quickly get good value from the pass.
    Best make a short lay-out of your plans, and check the prices on, to see if you’ll get to the 300 EUR of travel costs (by train).