Train from Zagreb to Belgrade and Belgrade to Skopje covered?

  • 22 July 2022
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Hello, I'd like to ask whether the Interrail Global ticket is valid in Serbia and North Macedonia. I need to travel from Zagreb (Croatia) to Belgrade (Serbia) and from Belgrade to Skopje (N. Macedonia). I can't find it on the app. Where can I book my train ticket? Can you help me?


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2 replies

It's valid, but there are no cross-border trains on this route you can use.    

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And also NONe over the border to Macedonia onward. Nor over the border to BosniaHercegovina.

There are a very few, unreliable, local trains in these newborn countries on which you can, if really wanted, use pass-that will be a waste of money as local fares are very low.

Best site for current info-and how to bridge the gap: if youre wise and really want to visit these: use a bus direct from Zagreb or so-much easier and quicker