Travel Greece-Italy-Schweiz-Austria

  • 22 March 2023
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Me and my friends are planning on Travelling in may. 
We are thinking of starting in Greece, and maybe go the the smaller islands there or to just stay in Greece and travel around there. Then we are thinking of taking the fairy to Italy and from there go to Schweiz and Austria or maybe France and Spain. 
Im wondering what kind of pass would fit best for this? 
I have checked the global pass but the problem is with Greece when you only get 30% discount on the ferries and I realized that the ferries are pretty expensive. The boat trip from Greece to Italy isn’t included in the global pass right? We don’t want the train tickets and boat tickets to become too pricy. Is it worth having a global pass when going to Greece? Or is it better to just buy ordinary tickets for this trip? Do you have any tips and if you have taken the ferries in Greece, what did it cost for you?


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You can only check for yourself what the best option would be.

Make a plan, look up fares (taking into account that regular fares are often lower when booked longer in advance), and then compare with a pass + reservations.

Also take into account that if you buy a flexipass, then you don't need to use a travel day if you only get a discount.