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  • 2 February 2023
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I have a question about the dates. I have the 7 days in one month global pass.
As far as I understood, one month means within one calendar month beginning from the start date (e.g. from July 10 to august 09).
I would like to start my trip in February (which has less days). So if I start on February 12, do I then have 30 days to travel (until March 13) or only one calendar month minus one day, until March 11?


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4 replies

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You have one calendar month - one day, until the 11th of March.

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So the best is to start your travel in a month with 31 days. If you have a 2 month pass and start traveling in July, you can travel for 62 days. As you have noticed, a travel start in February only gives you 28 travel days, unless it’s a leap year.

Oh I see :(

Thanks for the fast reply. I will then start to plan my trip all over again… 

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The by far big majority of users do not bother that much as they have only 2 or 3 weeks holiday. But as such above is right.