What to do if I am travelling with a mobile Pass but my phone does not work.

  • 11 November 2021
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My two 90 day global passes are on my iphone. But the phone continues to have problems and finally Apple will replace it. However they don’t stock American phones in European stores so I need to wait roughly a week for them to ship a replacement to this Apple store. I don’t even have an exact date.

In the meantime, we will be moving on to some new cities. I will be waiting for Apple to call me to know when to come pick up the new phone. Apple refuses to have it delivered to an Apple store in the new region, so I will have to come all the way back to get the new phone. 

When I get a new phone I will probably lose the authorization for the Eurail Pass since it’s locked into the old phone. so that means that when I leave the Apple store and try to get back to the city that we’re currently staying in I won’t have a Rail Pass anymore until Eurail can give me a new authorization. They responded pretty quickly within a few hours when apple erased the phone trying to fix it a few weeks ago. But I not sure I can rely on precise response when the day comes. I emailed Eurail last night and have not heard back anything as of midday today.


Can they send me a pdf of a paper pass to use temporarily until they reauthorize my new phone?  


Or can I take a screen shot of the “ticket” now and will that work when a conductor asks for the pass? I am not sure if those are only good for a specific day - since they are only generated on a daily basis when you have an actual trip. 

Or us there a phone number to call Eurail tech support?


ps - i’ve had problems with this phone for four months even before the trip. I completely lose any contact with the Internet through the cellular network - Which I need for the Rail Pass, the real planner, hotel reservations, and especially for Mabson directions not to mention emails and other communications with hotels. I have taken it into Apple repeatedly in the US and in Europe. Apple tried to tell me that it was my Sim card or my VPN that was causing the problem. However I got a brand new Sim card and completely deleted the VPN and did a complete reset. I have done research, reinstalls, and everything else that anyone can think of. But sometimes I lose all Internet for a week at a time which is just disastrous. And then I take it into the Apple store they say it works in the store and our tests don’t show there’s anything wrong with it. It’s a nightmare while traveling. Yesterday I spent the entire day just to go to an Apple store in another city to handle this - on top of various half days on other Apple stores in other cities. 



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Hi Gregohb, thanks for reaching out. Just like mentioned in our conversation via private messaging, please submit your case via this form. Messages are prioritized by travel day, and since you are currently travelling you can expect a quick response. Our Customer Support team can then advice you on possibilities for the time being and assist you with un-registering the Pass once you are able to connect it to your new device.  

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Thanks for your reply. In case others have this same problem,  I can make a request of tech support via the link to deactivate it, but there might be some hours of delays, and I might have to pay out of pocket for a ticket while waiting for response. There is no phone number to contact them to coordinate this. 


Out of curiosity, why don’t you have a web-based system like Apple iCloud or Google Drive where someone could log into there Eurail account to show their pass - possibly using the phone of a spouse or iPad or whatever, instead of making the pass locked into a single device which might get damaged, lost, run out of power, or have internet problems like mine? It would seem to save a lot of trouble on both sides? Many of the conductor and ticket offices ask for passports to verify the name and passport number correspond to the pass number, so there is little chance of illicit use of a pass. 


Also, instead of emailing PDFs of reservations, could you mail e-tickets that can be put into the Apple wallet -  my wallet is full of such e-train tickets from past years, along with airline e-tickets, and concert e-tickets. 

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Thanks for the suggestion, Gregohb. Although passports are indeed being checked most of the time, due to a variety security reasons it is not feasible. 

I understand it would be convenient to have your e-ticket available in your Apple wallet. I will pass it on to the relevant team. 


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@Nanja, I think this customer needs to negotiate a plan with customer service so that they can reactivate their pass on the new phone quickly as soon as the new phone arrives.