When to activate Pass?

  • 8 March 2022
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I have purchased a Eurail Global Senior pass. It is good for 4 trips in one month.  I have plans for 2 routes at this point:

4/29/2022 - Frankfurt to Basel

5/9/2022 - Amsterdam to Paris (reservations needed)

Should I activate before I get to Frankfurt?  Can I make the reservation for second trip before activation?





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There's no need to activate early. I usually don't activate before I'm sure I'm going to travel. The thing is, if you change plans and forget to deactivate your travel day, then you loose a travel day (it can be fixed by customer support, but it's a hassle).

You can make reservations without activating.

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AND; here in EUR we use logical order: first day, then month, then year. This may also lead to utter confusion. We have also learnt to count till 24 and have no am/pm.



I just ordered my pass and found this thread.

I was going to ask about if I need to activate the pass to make reservations. I see above that rvdborgt answered that I don't. So would you be able to give an example step by step of how to make the reservation?

Do I enter it on the mobile pass?

Do I need to give the pass number(sent by email) to the train company.

Sorry if this is all basic stuff but the planning of this is overwhelming me a bit. Hope you can help.