Why are my Travel days off by one day in the Itinerary Planner Map


I’m planning my trip as it shows below:

  • Madrid - Barcelona
  • Barcelona - Rome
  • Rome - Paris
  • Paris- Stuttgart

As you see there should be 4 days of travel to these 5 destinations, yet the Itinerary Planner seems to be counting Madrid’s starting point as a day of travel. Am I wrong to think that the 4 days of travel in 1 month Pass (for $281) is just what I need? Why is the application telling me I need a minimum of 5 Travel Days in my pass?


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Barcelona - Rome is indeed impossible to do on one day. You could take the night train from Turin but you'd have to pay 57€ in seat reservations to get there…

I'd recommend a night somewhere around Nice or somewhere in the middle but then you'd need a 5-day pass.

I don't know your travel dates but here's some advice about seat reservations.

Madrid - Barcelona can't be booked online but you can go to a ticket counter as soon as you arrive in the country. Here are other ways to book but don't worry availability is generally not a problem as there are trains every 30 min :

The TGV out of Barcelona is very popular so book well in advance (27€ seat reservation). RENFE just restarted a direct train to Marseille from 28th July but it is not yet known whether they accept passes (I've contacted them). This train would be very helpful.

Or there's the ferry (no need to use a pass day for that).

Rome - Paris : 13€ + 30€ with the direct train from Milan OR 13€ + 10-20€ if you take the scenic route via Switzerland ! Let me know for advice :)

Paris - Stuttgart is also quite popular (17€ seat reservation).

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Please don't use that tool; it often counts wrong. Use to make a plan with timetables and then count your travel days.

Also note that Barcelona-Rome is a very long journey. You could use a night train on part of the journey, or use a night ferry Barcelona-Civitavecchia (close to Rome) instead, with a pass discount.