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  • 30 August 2023
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We want to give a special shoutout to @MartijnV @soveas @Lorenzo.f15 @CatyRoss @polyman & @JonK  for joining our internal online lunch and learn series. Our team really enjoyed learning about your experiences and how we can improve our app, website, and Pass.

Some of the session's highlights included learning about @CatyRoss’s passion for making rail maps. They're really cool! Switzerland is her favorite destination to Euraill/Interrail and you can check out her map, here

Another highlight was learning about the deep dive rail exploration into Eastern Europe by @MartijnV. Read his super interesting posts on alternative border crossings here and here.

We plan to have more opportunities to involve our community in the future. If helping Eurail improve is your cup of tea, then join our Innovation Train Group here. This group is open to our customers who want to participate in fun, informative, and impactful user tests.

Not only will you help us improve our products and services with your feedback, but you will also get a sneak peek at the products we're working on and have the opportunity to earn badges, rewards, and prizes! Read more about our rewards program here.

Hope to see you there!

2 replies

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The links of @MartijnV ‘s border crossing lead us to a Gainsight website. Is this normal and can we login with our community account?

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Thanks for spotting this @BrendanDB! I accidentally added the links from the wrong side of the platform if that makes sense 😅 They are fixed now. I hope you enjoy reading his posts, and have a nice day 😊