From Oslo to Gothenburg

  • 2 November 2022
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Hello! I am trying to find the best way to travel from Oslo to Gothenburg. 

I checked if there were maybe ferry, but I didn’t find anything. I found train on, and I wanted to ask why it is more expensive than the other route, such as Stockholm - Oslo.

I have to reach Germany then, so if maybe someone has experience with these routes and want to give me an advice, it would be nice! Also if it means to change plan and not to go to Gothenburg from Oslo. 

Thank you in advance. 


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4 replies

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When will you be travelling?

The timetable and tickets/reservations for travels with SJ in Sweden after the 10th of December will be released on the 9th of November.

I am going to travel the 30th November.

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Of course there is no ferry, as its all along the coast without need to go over large waters.

TRAINs by VY (the old NSB fra Norge) run about ev 4 hrs-and even have NO need te RES-just find seat with pass.

In fact most people between the 2 take the bus-goes far more often and is quicker and cheaper, except if uou have a pass anyway.

You were misled as computers can only spit out what someone has put in- for rough planning just use next week same day as you want to go

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@Maddalena la Micela 

There are 3 reservation free trains from Oslo to Göteborg on the 30th of November, see below.