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  • 20 April 2024
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Hi everyone,

I’m planning to buy a One Country Pass for Switzerland, probably 3 days in one month.

Is it possible to have serveral voyage segments within 1 day? I mean can I do as many trips on 1 day as I want? Or does 1 travel only inlcude one journey or trip per day?


Going from Zurich to Chur to Luzern and back to Zurich on one day - is this allowed within a 1 travel day?

Or is it only allowed to have 1 direct trip/voyage segment per day, e. g. Zurich to Chur ?


Tks for explanation.



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You can take as many trains as you want, on a travel day. 1 or 25 trains. Several times up on down the same trajectory or a circle around. Doesn't matter. Everything is possible, it's very flexible. 

Thank you Brendan

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It’s worth also considering the Saver Day Pass for Switzerland, which can be as little as 52CHF per day, and has slightly wider validity on some of the mountain railways.

You have to buy in advance, though, unlike the Interrail pass.