London to Naples - Global pass recommended?

  • 26 May 2022
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Planning return trip to Naples from Brighton in October. Staying in Naples 10 days. Looked at standard return train fares and they seem to be 300£ plus. So is the Global Interrail Pass the way to go? I can get senior fare. Will I be able to use it on Eurostar and then the high speed rails in France/Italy (e.g Brighton - London - Paris - Turin - Naples) or another feasible itinerary?. Any advice would be appreciated. Robsk. 


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It’s possible to do that way, but when doing the math, don’t forget that you’ll need reservations that are expensive. Even more expensive when travelling 1st class.

For your trip mentioned above you’d pay 142 € return 2nd class or 186 € return 1st class on top of the pass (if I got it right without having a further look). At least it’ll cost you much more than just the price of your pass.


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Yes you can use almost all trains on this route, but keep in mind that international trains to/from France have a quota for interrail travellers. When this quota is full no reservations are possible. The same happens for Eurostar. 

Reservations fees:

30€ Eurostar

10-20€ for TGV in France (if you run via Nice and Ventimiglia)

13-35€ for TGV abroad (TGV Paris-Turin is about 35€) 

Frecciarossa Paris-Turin-Milan is not included in Interrail, but they have cheap normal fares. 

11€-15€ for Eurocity Switzerland-Italy (if you run via Geneve)

10€ for high speed trains in Italy (like Frecciarossa and Eurocity within Italy)

3€ for Intercity trains in Italy 


Hey Angelo. Thanks so much. You’re a star!


Hi Hektor. That’s a really useful point. I think the reservation fees + pass is going to come close to the standard return fare. I’ll do some maths. Cheers. R

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go to seat61 for better info and the full schedule-and compare tickets or passes and how to.

A PASS is not really meant to get there asap but to make stops en-route to discover more.

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I will soon be making the trip to Naples from Belgium, and will not have any mandatory reservation costs until Milan.

I travel with DB BAHN to Basel, and then regionally to Milan.

Seat61 is very good and very detailed. Thanks Mcdav.