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  • 19 June 2022
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I am planning to travel Ljubljana, Slovenia to Zagreb, Croatia, and then Zagreb to Sarajevo, Bosnia, and after to Belgrade, Serbia. However, I can't to find the itineraries among those cities. Is there a train with Europass among those cities? The web of Eurorail indicates that there are train among these countries.

Also I am planning to travel from Sofia to Athens. 

Is there some email address where I can send a message with may detailed itinerary?




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You cannot find what there not is_ except SI-HR NO trenes over border among the old parts of Yugoslavija-go by BUS. Als NO trains over border to GReece at all.

Also a Pass simply does not pay off in these areas-normal tickets for the very few trains that run are very cheap. Some real railfanatics will tell you its possible to use train-then ar bus-walk/taxi-bus for 5 km-then a local train again-forget it, thats not holiday, take it simple.
the maps and also a lot of other country info is hopelessly out of date. In fact in stations over there you will also often struggle to find the actual real info-and some countries have not latin, but cyrillic alfabet (like Russia)

Thank you very much for your answer.

My original plan is (or was):


I have remove Sofia-Athens. 

I understand there is a night train from Sofia to Istanbul.

I am going to check for bus between some countries.