Using Interrail for cruising from your own country.

  • 6 November 2022
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Just an idea that might help Interrail users.


We live about 400 km from Southampton and have cruised from there a few times. 

We are considering using an Interrail Global pass in conjunction with our next cruise and the numbers seem to compare with the alternatives of driving and parking or flying from local airport.

To travel by peak time trains would be extortionately expensive or inflexible, but allows unlimited luggage and avoids a long drive.

A four day pass would be just over 200 pounds and no UK res costs.

2 UK days and then 2 days of tickets to use in ports e.g. Lisbon to Sintra or Le Havre to Paris. Compared to cruise excursions this saves another couple of hundred pounds.


2 replies

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But then make double sure that boat will actually dock close by town-often they do not or tucked so far away in some closed off port area that you still need taxi or cruise-coach=bus to get out/in again.

(saw that last week whilst I had a short fly/in+out stay on Tenerife near one of its main ports-to discover its tramway).

Plus that I do not think that many passholders will think of going on such a boat-cruise, Effectively this again boils down to the sky-high GB local fares-so high and even more in peaks, that it indeed pales with the price of these passes.

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Southampton is a moderate walk or a short taxi ride station to docks.

You are correct it works in the UK because of train fares from the North, especially first class.