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  • 22 September 2022
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Friends, I purchased a 1st class pass. When I go to book a reservation because it’s required, I’m only allowed to purchase a 2nd class reservation. Two questions: 


  1. Does that mean 1st class is sold out? 
  2. If so, then how do I request a refund for my pass since I can’t really use 1st class if it’s not available?

Many, many thanks!


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13 replies

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Helpful if you let us know the specific train you want to reserve for. Different operators have different rules. However I’m guessing it’s TGV/Thalys or maybe eurostar. 1st class is probably not sold out, but there is a quota of passholder reservations available and that will have sold out.

You can write to support and ask for a refund, but I don’t imagine you’d get one as the pass is still usable, just not on that specific journey. The reservation system for these trains is something I find particularly frustrating.

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Indeed, please specify route, date and departure time so we can hopefully see what is going on.

Holy smokes! Thanks for the VERY quick responses! 

THA9424. Aachen Hbf to Paris. October 15. 9:23am. 

Is that enough info? 

Thanks again!! 



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It is indeed frustrating to have a first class pass and no first class seats available, but, just like second class pass holders unable to find a free seat, we always have the option to take a different train that has free seats in first class.

I have just seen it with Eurostar next week, but fortunately one train had some first class seats at an acceptable time.

We also have the alternative of taking a second class seat if that train is really the one we want. We can still travel first class on the rest of the trains with our pass.

The only real issue is on trains where the operator has quotas for pass users, There are only so many First Class seats on any train and as they can charge a serious premium and still fill the seats on the peak trains they release very few to pass users,

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Holy smokes! Thanks for the VERY quick responses! 

THA9424. Aachen Hbf to Paris. October 15. 9:23am.

I see available seats in 1st class:

And also here:


We are on day 22 of our 1 month first class pass and encountered the same issue on some, but not all trains. We had to travel second class outbound on Euro star and on one journey in Italy but have traveled first class (reserved and non reserved) on others where first class was provided. Like others have said, it's limited numbers...don't let it put you's all part of the adventure 😁

Thanks, everyone, for your answers! Very helpful. 

rvdborgt What app or webpage are you seeing that on?



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Reservations can be made either through Eurail/Interrail for a booking fee of 2 EUR per person and train or at b-europe, see link, for a booking fee of 4 EUR per reservation.


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Thanks for flagging this! It can sometimes happen that reservations booked through the Eurail reservation service is issued in the wrong class. This happens due to a server miscommunication between our system and the carrier's system. If you haven't already, can you please reach out to our customer service team by submitting a request here: We'll be happy to either re-book or refund your tickets. 

Thanks, again, everyone for your help. I’m terribly sorry to be so thick headed. I’m hoping you can still help. 

@AnnaB I know it’s been three days and things can change, but I don’t see *any* availability on that Aachen - Paris train at the site you recommend. Not even 2nd class. 

On top of that, other tickets at other times are 60 Euros or more. I don’t understand what I’d be paying for if I’ve already purchased a Eurail pass. Is it an additional 60Euros just to hold a seat because a reservation is required? 

Much obliged for any and all help. 

Regards, Rob

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The pass holder seats in both 1st and 2nd class on the 9.23 train from Aachen to Paris are sold out, see picture. The reservation cost is 30 EUR per person in both 1st and 2nd class.

Thalys have a high reservation cost and a limited number of pass holder seats but there are other,slower regional trains, that you can use without reservation. 


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There are more connections to Paris from Brussels and there are good connections from Aachen to Brussels.



I just wanted to follow up and thank everyone again for their help. @AnnaB your posts were particularly helpful. But, everyone helped me understand a train system that I know little about. I’m very appreciative. 


All the best,