9 minute train transfer Tirano

  • 10 April 2024
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Hello all,

I am planning a trip with my daughter through Europe this summer - part of this trip we are travelling the Bernina Express, panoramic car, afternoon train.

This train arrives in Tirano 17:59 with our connecting train to Milan via Trenord departing 18:08 to Milan.

Is the 9minutes enough time to transfer between the two? Is anyone familiar with this stop?

We will be carrying straight on in Milan onto a sleeper train departing Milan 21:35 and if we miss the Trenord connection we miss the night train ex Milan and I am concerned this is too risky and may look to stay in Tirano the night instead.

Help and advice appreciated, thanks in advance. :)  


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9 min is enough. You leave the Swiss building, cross the little square and you're on the Italian track.

Swiss trains are punctual and this one is no exception.

Which night train are you looking at? I can find departures at 21:15 and 21:50 towards Bari.

If you wish you could also look at taking one of the hourly regional trains along the Bernina route instead : reservation-free, less busy, pull-down windows (same as the first carriages of the Bernina Express).

That way you'd arrive an hour or two earlier and have time for some dinner in Milan (there's no food onboard the night train).

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It should normally be possible but I do find it a bit risky in this case.

I'd take a train 1 hour earlier from wherever you're coming. That won't be a train with panoramic carriages but that also means it will be quieter (the panoramic carriages are usually fully booked) and you'll be able to open some of the windows to make pictures.

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Which night train are you looking at? I can find departures at 21:15 and 21:50 towards Bari.

This summer it's the night train to Rome-Naples-Salerno.

Thank you both.

I have already booked / reserved Bernina pano car 1st class, so would look to retain that - are refunds easy?

rvdborgt - what are your reasons for stating risky in this case? Time of year being middle of summer and busy season? Too many people around?


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I've taken the Bernina a few times this last year and small delays (5 minutes or more) were unfortunately not uncommon (considering it's single track and trains wait for delays of others), resulting in quite some stress in passengers heading to Milan. I wouldn't risk it and take an earlier train, considering the consequences. Spending a night in Tirano is also an option though. 

Thanks Schelte - the Mrs has said the same, with a possible 5min delay it certainly makes things extremely tight and stressful so will err on the side of caution and stay the night in Tirano.

Thank you all for the responses, much appreciated! :)

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The reservations are not refundable. However if you find the panorama carriage too loud and busy nothing stops you from moving to the (reservation-free) unit at the front.

The 1st class area looks like this and you have a nice view of the driver's cab! :)