Bellinzona - Nice

  • 9 April 2024
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Hello everyone! 

I am planning to take this route on 14 July from Bellinzona - Nice (Riquier).

09:14 Bellinzona - Milano Centrale EC313

11:10 Milano Centrale - Ventimiglia  IC637

15:16 Ventimiglia - Nice ( Riquier) 

​​​​The sbb, öbb apps , rail europe all say "tickets not available" only for the EC313 at 09:14 , IC637 at 11:10 every Sunday. Why is that? I understand that Swiss trains don't need reservations but the cross border ones into Italy do, correct? Or am I missing something? Can I just get on any EC/IC/ RE trains going out of Switzerland without reservations? Thank you for your suggestions! 



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Reservations are required from Chiasso, the border point.

The first train is available on ÖBB*, the second isn't (yet). Check back in a week or two.

*add Interrail/Eurail as a discount and select one-way tickets.

About the Bellinzona - Milan journey : the 09:14 service is due to be operated by a single Astoro train. It could be busy and that train easily feels cramped in my opinion.

If you want to save money (and having more space) I'd suggest this reservation-free itinerary :

- IC21 Bellinzona - Lugano 08:35 - 08:48

- RE Lugano - Milano Centrale 09:02 - 10:17

Thank you so much for sharing the alternative! I hope I can take the 09:14 as anything earlier seems difficult. But I need a reservation here at 09:14 though right? 13€ per öbb 

And "ticket not available" means they just aren't open right? I was shocked,  thinking they are sold out already! Thank you for the note on that! 



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The connection in Lugano would be very easy, like anywhere in Switzerland. Don't worry.

Yes 13€ from Bellinzona.

No, they're not sold out (it would be extremely surprising). There are hundreds of seats available on -> you can't book passholder reservations there though.

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Both trains can already be booked on (desktop website only).

I'd go for the train at 8:35 and have a coffee in Milan.