Budapest to Zagreb direct IC204

  • 13 November 2023
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Planning to book travel direct from Budapest to Zagreb on the IC204 route (train/bus 6.5 hr) in Jan 2024 but have noticed that this service isn't listed during that month at all. 

Does anyone know if there are upcoming changes to the route, as I can see this is available to book for the next few weeks, or whether it is too early and yet to be available for seat reservations?

Thanks :)


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5 replies

Try it here:

It's listed and seems to be bookable.

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Hi @wattleflower01 You can try booking using Just be sure to indicate you have a Pass where it says 1 xAdult without a discounts.

@St Kristoffer That doesn't work because the train isn't listed there yet (see OP). 

You need to use if you'd like to do a reservation right now.

Only other option is to wait. 

@Hektor when you say wait, do you mean that eventually Eurail will have this specific trip listed on their booking page when it gets closer to the month of Jan? Just want to rule out if there is any changes to the route. 


Thanks all for your help with this 😊

I think, the problem with this train is that the hungarian operator MÁV didn’t deliver data for this train yet (because it isn’t in any other operators app). The fact that it is listed in their own app is a signal that it will run (they should know best). And as I did write: It’s even possible to book it (even with an Interrail pass; but of course I didn’t try to pay, so there may be an error message in the end, too).