Can't book reservation from Ravenna to Interlaken for June (am i trying too early?)

  • 3 April 2024
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Hello all, we’re real excited to take my family of 5 kids to Europe at the end of May.  One problem i’m having is reserving a train from Ravenna Italy to Interlaken Switzerland on June 8th. 

Looks like major trains from Ravenna go through Milan, so i’m trying to search from Ravenna to Milan but when I don’t get results for any dates past May 1st, does that mean I need to wait longer to book those?

I also went to the regional train website : and can find trains there however I couldn’t figure out how to book a reservation with my Eurailpass - just ability to purchase new tickets.  

Any help would be appreciated.

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Badge +9 is another incarnation of Italian railways’ AFAIK that's the only place where you can find regional trains around Ravenna and in the Emilia-Romagna region because the operator doesn't share their timetables with the rest of the world.

You can book reservations in Italy on (desktop website only). Don't enter the entire itinerary, only the trains you want a reservation for. In Switzerland, you don't need reservations; that's a waste of money.

For other reservations, see:

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Ravenna is only regional trains, you don’t need reservations for that, once in Bologna you can take the FR with mandatory reservations or the direct Regionale Veloce to Milano Centrale without reservations

Great thank you for the replies!  Very helpful.


So, I can see on there is a train almost every hour from Ravenna to Bologna - and it says no reservation needed :-)  yay


And then on Eurail site - I see I can get reservations from Bologna to Milan and another from Milan to Spiez, however it says pass not valid from Spiez to Interlaken West - does that mean I’ll have to purchase separate tickets for this last part?


thanks ahead!



Oh I just found IC 825 from Spiez to Interlaken says it does not need reservation - so I think i’m good now! 


thanks all!


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Book Bologna to Milan on - it's cheaper than Eurail.

You don't need a reservation from Spiez to Interlaken or anywhere else in Switzerland (except for a few tourist express trains).

As to Spiez to Interlaken West: please share details of the connection. It might be a bus and then your pass isn't valid.

One more question - my train from Bologna to Milano arrives at 14:58 is it too risky to book a train from Milano to Spiez at 15:07 - seems risky if the first train is delayed?  Next train however is at 18:20 which means a long lay over but less risky.  Thoughts?

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Too risky. On the other hand there are multiple trains per hour between Bologna and Milan so I'd rather leave Bologna earlier than wait 3h.

EDIT : the 13:18 departure looks ideal. :)

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You can do it all reservation-free if you want.



(There's also a train Domodossola-Brig at 17:48.)