Cannot make reservation; Lučenec (Slovakia) to Paris

  • 5 August 2021
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I recently bought interrail pass and I am planning to go from Lučenec (Slovakia) to Paris.

Unfortunatley, i face more issues with the pass than without it.

First of all there are some trains in my route that requires reservetaion, however i couldnt find a way how to make a reservation while applying my pass. Even on your website i was unable to make reservation. I can search my route and click on it, but there is no button for making actual reservation.

After trying to make reservation on your website turned out to not be working, I tried using your app, but that was only redirecting me to your website.

therefore I want to ask if there actually is a way how i can make an online reservation for this trip using your pass or if i simply have to go and hope that directly on the station they would be willing to accept my pass and i wont have to pay the full price?

2 replies

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You can even go to the station and get your reservations there :)

Few countries are connected :) You can reserve from a different country a route in a country :) For example few years back i was able to reserve Germany - France TGV from the Ticket office in Bratislava :)

you can reserve most trains online directly with your RAiloperator :) Just share the Routes you are looking for and you will get an answer :)

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Hi, you should be able to see a reservation you can select and add to your card, like in the screenshot below. Can you specify for which date and time you tried to book on the website?

As an alternative option, you can make the seat reservations at the station, as seewulf mentioned.