Couchette booking on - interrail discount is not listed

I’ve found the train and connection I need. However, when I change the Type of Seat from Seat to Couchette (or Sleeper) Interrail/Eurrail is no longer listed as an available discount. How do I book a couchette (or sleeper) with my Global Interrail pass?

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I am wanting to book a couchette cabin for 2 on the night train from La Spezia Central to Salerno on 17th July at 00.27am How do you do that as they only gave me a seat reservation option on Trenitalia. 

Hello! In general, all the available discounts should be listed here:

 Pass Benefits Portal (

Usually there is an option on the carriers’ websites to book only a reservation and not the full ticket.

I hope this helps and please let me know if you have more questions.


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