How to view my tickets on the app?

I'm planning a train trip England to France using Interrail, in about in a months time. I've made all the seat reservations and paid the supplements, but I cannot see the tickets or where to find them and they have not been emailed to me. I've downloaded the payment confirmation. However I have received the tickets for Eurostar and successfully printed them and downloaded them. But where are the other tickets?


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The pass is your ticket. By logging a journey on Rail Planner you'll get a QR code to show to staff. Reservations are a separate thing.

Where have you made those reservations? You should've received a PDF by email.

Onboard you show them either from your phone or the printed version.

Thanks, I expected the system to work like that, but when will I see the QR codes for the journeys I have booked?


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The seat reservations are separate from your pass so no seat reservations will show in the Railplanner app.


Yes get that, but will I see a QR code for the booked train and will it be emailed to me?

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The reservations will look differently depending on where you made them. Where did you make your seat reservations?

I've made my bookings on the interrail mobile app. Where will I see the train tickets or the QR code for the individual journeys which there are 9 journeys to France and return to the UK, not the seat reservations.

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You don't make any seat reservations in the app. In the Railplanner app you just log the train you travel with to get the ticket (QR code). Just logging a train is no booking of a seat. For all trains with mandatory reservations, like the Eurostar, you need to make an additional seat reservation. 

And if you are a UK resident you can only travel on the Eurostar 2 times as you only can travel on a maximum of 2 days in your country of residence. 

  1. I added my Pass to the app
  2. I have connected my pass to the trip and activated my pass
  3. I have planned all my train journeys
  4. I have saved my trip
  5. I have activate the QR slidder against each train journey
  6. I have 6 journeys that do not require a seat reservation.                                                           But I have not received any email confirming the trains I have booked with a QR code. 
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The app does not book anything.

Think of it as a diary, a digital version of writing your train on a slip of paper as on the old passes.

The app is your ticket and it displays the QR code for each activated day under the “my pass” tab.

It defaults to showing the current day, to see the ticket/code for a different day select that day instead.

Thanks. I've got it now. I have found the QR code under ‘my pass’ tab. My first day did not have any journeys booked so the yellow tab ‘add a journey’ was displayed. Day two does have my itinerary for that day so ‘show ticket’ is displayed which when clicked shows me the QR code? Fantastic.

So the problem was that you must have a planned journeys on day one for the tab ‘show tickets’ to be displayed.

Thanks again