If I can't find the station in the planner how can I know whether I can use an Interrail pass for this journey?

I’m considering whether to buy an Interrail pass. I have already decided on the journeys I want to take and they are on fixed dates to fixed places. When I look for the route in the Interrail planner I can’t find the stations - I’ve read the FAQ and see that you can ‘add stations manually’. But before I buy the pass I’m wondering what happens if/are any lines not covered?


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Very few places with railways in Europe aren’t covered so it is difficult to know what to answer without knowing what places it is you are wanting.

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Yeah, would be good to know where exactly you want to go.

If it isn’t covered, then you’ve to buy a separate ticket for that part of the trip.

Thank you both! Of course I should have said where. 

London to Cologne (can find this!)

Cologne to Jenbach in Austria 

Jenbach to Geneva

Grenoble to London (can find this)

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You can use your interrail pass for that :)

did you download the railplanner app? 95% of the connections are correct in there (about validity) 

For planning best use or


in case you plan to go from Jenbach to the Zillertal, there interrail would NOT be valid AFAIK

Many thanks Martin! 


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