INTERRAIL IS A NIGHTMARE! Seat reservations in Croatia

  • 5 July 2022
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Here’s the thing: InterRail official web and app says that it is possible to book seat reservations in Croatia/Hungary. We also got reply from Interrail that yes, those bookings are possible. But it’s not true at all! It is impossible! And you will find many other people having the same issue - there’s always the same message

“Prices unavailable No price results were found for this connection. It is possible that all pass holder seats are sold out. Please try searching for another connection or check 'More information' and try other ways to book this seat reservation. If no pass holder seats are available anymore you need to buy a separate full fare ticket to board” - and it doesn’t matter what dates you choose!

The only option is to book on place… but imagine that it’s high season and you have on other way than book a seat in the same day… Great, isn’t? This is all a one huge lie and make whole trip a nightmare. You risk all that you won’t be able to travel because of that. We will never use interrail again! It’s totally fraud!

7 replies

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Booking seat reservations at a ticket office in Croatia is usually not a problem at all. Which trains (route, date, departure time) would you like to book?

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Dzien dobry-actually this is very much same-same for other who want to visit your beautiful country and see the classic Polskie grade-as Olsztyn, Elk or Pila-PKP-IC has very much same system for that.

Hi! My point exactly! It’s not comfortable and secure to not having seat reservations in advance.

In our case we received confirmation from InterRail customer service that booking a seat in Croatian trains (HZPP) is possible via their platform etc. but HZPP replied that… it’s not. I believe much more to HZPP. Plus if you just take a look (as logged-in users) into IR platform or app you will soon see that if you choose trains from Split to Zagreb there’s no way to book a seat online. There’s always the same message and here you will find that all IR global pass holders have the same issue for long time and nobody is doing anything with that:



We don’t want to risk overloaded trains or simply not enter the train that’s why we dediced to buy bus even we have valid day to travel with Interrail. In this case this is the most safe option even we’re loosing money cause this is not why we bought Interrail for God sake…


PS Also it’s not possible to book seat reservations via OBB, DBahn or MAV website. We tried everything already and we lost 2 days for that… Thank you InterRail;/!!!

Booking seat reservations at a ticket office in Croatia is usually not a problem at all. Which trains (route, date, departure time) would you like to book?

Thanks for asking:) We wanted to book: Split - Zagreb, 19/08/2022, 8:31-14:54 (HZPP) and Zagreb-Budapest, 19/08/2022, 16:35-22:16 (MAV). For the second one it looks like MAV doesn’t sell seat reservations online for IR pass holders; they sell seat reservations only with normal tickets but only as an option (cause reservations aren’t compulsory there).

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Split - Zagreb can currently only be booked at a Croatian ticket office. Price is around 1€. Book it on your first day in Croatia. A few days in advance should not be a problem.

Zagreb - Budapest has optional reservations and there's usually ample space. You can book a reservation via ÖBB (use "Seat only”, 3€) if you want.

The thing is we’ll be only one day in Split so no chance to buy in advance. That’s why I am saying that in this case interrail is awful solution to travel. Very stressful. Plus it is extremly stupid to be honest: we have to come to Croatia to buy seat reservation in Croatia!…Seriously?


Abut Zagreb-Budapest, as I said - we spend 2 days to buy ANYTHING and it is not possible. Also via OBB - try to buy that...:


Good luck!:)

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I literally checked this reservation on before I posted, but now it shows as "Ticket not available” (with “Seat only”! You used the other option.). Since it still shows reservations for 18 and 20 August, that could mean it is fully booked on the 19th, although even for a Friday that is strange so far in advance.

I'd say try again tomorrow. Or try a ticket office (for the international train, that doesn't need to be in Croatia).