Ireland not showing up in the App

  • 5 March 2022
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Unfortunately I can't find any Irish destination on the Interrail Planner App. But as far as I know is Ireland part of the Interrail network. Does anyone know how I can solve this problem?


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Unfortunately, Irish railways is one of the operators who don't send their timetables to the European Timetable Centre. In such a case, you'll have to check timetables on the operator's own website. That's a good idea anyway since the rail planner app doesn't get enough updates to be reliable.

You can find Irish timetables here:

Irish Rail (Republic of Ireland)

Translink (Northern Ireland, includes all public transport)

Perfect! Thank you very much for the reply. How do I find out, whether I need reservations or not? For instance for a ferry from Scottland to Ireland or Ireland to France and how much the supplement costs?

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Reservations on trains in Ireland are not required. Check other country pages here.

For ferries, you can check the ferry page. Both Irish Ferries and Stena Line offer a 30% discount on the foot passenger fare (accommodation is extra). For booking instructions, check the pages mentioned. You will need a reservation indeed.

Since you only get a discount, you don't need a travel day if you don't use a train on the same day.

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Hint: here were (are? check, may be cancelled due to covid now) direct BUSes (coach for /en/) from Glasgow to Ulster, via the ferry and these were often even cheaper as the single ferry-fare for foot-pax.

Also note that several ferries have stopped taking single foot-pax too or there is a very cumbersome or sometimes non-existent link from berth/seaside to nearest bus/trainstation. F.e. the old Stranraer port is not used anymore in Scotland (end of the railline, side byside to ferry then)