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Did someone faced situation with the app when you enter destination the departure station disappears and it is imposible to plan the journey? How to solve it?


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I don't understand what you're saying.

Could you please explain what is happening step by step?

Which journey are you planning? (route, date, departure time)

After which action does the departure station disappear?

Could you post a screenshot of the screen where it happens?

App rail planner: I choose planner, interface appears where you should choose

from (departure station) I search for Brussels Central station and choose it.

After that I have to indicate destination station (section “To”, where I'm planning to go, and when I choose London, my previous setting for departure station dissapears, I mean in the section “from” Brussels central is gone and vice versa, so I have only departure or destination station and no suggested journeys therefore .

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I have no problem with Brussels.

Which version of Brussels are you selecting, the French or the Dutch one?

Does it make a difference for what date? Or is it just for current date and time?

Is there any app update available? If so, then please install it.

If that doesn't help, please try restarting your phone.

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The planner can be strange sometimes where spelling doesn’t match the data base format - If you start typing it should show the options and you should choose the appropriate station as listed. Brussels central has 2 forms Bruxelles-Central and Brussel-Centraal. Eurostar operates from Bruxelles-Midi or Brussel-Zuid.