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I’ve just purchased seat reservations for a trip from Paris to Strasbourg through RailEurope.  I was really surprised to read 

“Please print them on plain A4 paper before travel and present on board. Do not print in "economy mode" as this can make barcodes illegible. Please note that the tickets must be printed; they cannot be presented via a laptop or mobile phone screen.”

This is not a big deal as I probably would have printed off a copy of the seat reservation anyway, but I have always in the past shown tickets whether they be seat reservations or actual tickets on my phone upon inspection.   I have the RailEurope app and there are perfectly good images of the tickets obtainable through that app.    Is there some reason that I am missing why they insist on having paper copies?



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When purchasing from raileurope it gives the option of print at home or mobile ticket.

Many thanks. 

In the past I have  put tickets onto my phone but also had a printed back up.  Clearly I can’t do this with the tickets I have already purchased as ‘print at home’.  I have other purchases to make.  If I opt for a mobile ticket, does this mean that it will only be possible to have the tickets on my phone and I won’t be able to print off the ticket as well?


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The "mobile ticket" gives you a single QR code with nothing else. Nothing to print.

The "print at home" version gives you a nice A4 sheet with all the data.

Both work but I've always used the nicer "print at home" version shown on my phone, including with SNCF. Don't worry.