Reservation in Italian train

  • 18 July 2021
  • 2 replies

We have a Question can we book in Italian  night jet with a seat place reservation without paying the full price for the booking? 

2 replies

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Hi Joakim,

of which train exactly are you speaking?
For Italian nighttrains (ICN - InterCityNotte) you can book a seat reservation for 3 euro if you have an Interrail Pass.
For the Nightjet operating from Italy to Germany/Austria you can book reservations for a seat for 14 euro.

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For the Nightjet operated by Austrian Rail on the Routes Munich/Vienna - Rome/Milan/Venice and Vienna - Livorno you can reserve easyily at the website of austrian rail :)

From 14€for a seat :)  as @MartinM  already said :)

 Note that due Italian Law it can happen that you have to book private compartments as you are not allowed to travel with foreign passengers :/ This happen especially for the Nightjets from Vienna and Munich to Milan/Rome and the Nightjet Vienna - Livorno :/
Then you needed a a single slepper reservation + Interrail
or you could use the special offers of Private Seat (from 99€) or Couchette (from 199€) comparment these special offers doesn´t need a Railpass :)