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Hello! I'd like make reservations for my friends with mobile Pass (InterRail Global Pass) for trains in Italy. I added them to trip in my account, but I can't find Issuer (CIV) and Pass Cover Number on their tickets. Without them I can't make reservations. Where can I find them? Or how can I make reservations with mobile Pass? 

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With interrail mobile passes, pass cover numbers are not issued. If you really need one (should be only the case when booking directly at a railways portal or third party portal), you can ask interrail support to create one for you. Did you make sure that you use the correct reservation portal?

I can choose in the Rail Planner App if I have a mobile or paper pass:

Perhaps you also try it over the app.

I have the same problem and didn’t find any helpful information.

The answer from runner.on.rails did not help either.

How can a traveler with an online passport be registered without this passport cover number?

Thanks, we will ask the support.
Sure, the reservations portal was correct, I tried to make reservations via web.

nadinejaud: Did you write to the support yet?

Hi Petr

No, i have not contacted support yet. I will inquire at our railroad on friday.

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As @runner.on.rails  said actual there is no PassCovernumber for Mobilepasses :/

The CIV Issuer Code is the code of the Country/Company you purchased the ticket from

If bought directly from Interrail/Eurail the Code is: 9901 

Italy have forexample 0083 or Deutsche Bahn have 1080 as CIV Code :)

You found this 4 digit code quite often even on Standard International tickets :)

Maybe @Nanja  or the Customer Service? have a answer how to handle it in the future :)

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Hi there, if you placed your order with us, you do not need to create a new account and therefore adding your personal and Pass details manually is not needed. Just please make sure you use the e-mail address and password created during the checkout process. Once you log in, you should be able to see your data and Pass information details. If the issue persists, we kindly ask you to contact our Customer Support team via or any of the other contact options mentioned here: Cheers, 


I’ve the same problem. I bought a Global pass in march for me. I bought today two Global pass for two youths to travel together. When I want to make a reservation, I need to chose the two youth or me alone, but not the three together. I tried to ad travellers to my trip, but I need a Cover pass number… that I don’t have with the mobile pass.

I don’t know how to do… Thank you for helping me

I bought a 5 day 1 country pass and I don’t understand how to make a reservation.  I have claimed the tickets and scheduled the trip.  I have to goto the interrail site to make seat reservations, but when I try to check out, the Billing section has Country a mandatory field.  The United States is not listed, so what do I do? 


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Interrail is for Europeans for Non Europeans you have to visit the Eurail website then you can select the United States :) 

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Seewulf is right, you will need to visit the Eurail site. Cheers,