Reservations for trains; Groningen- Zagreb

  • 23 July 2021
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In August i will be travelling to Croatia (from Groningen). I bought a global pass so i would be able to travel from Groningen to Zagreb and back. when I want to make reservations for seats, interrail indicates that it is possible with several sites, including the German one. If I want to book there, the reservation costs 100 euros... Why do I still have to pay for that if I already have a global pass with interrail and is there a way for it to be cheaper?

4 replies

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100 EUR is definitely too much for a seat. Sounds like a normal ticket. Or maybe a bed in a night train.

Please let us know which trains exactly you would like to book and then people can advise were to book.

The train with the 100 euros ticket was from Utrecht to Rosenheim. This train leaves Utrecht at 8.02 on the 1st of August and the train is scheduled to arrive at Rosenheim at 8.03 AM (EN 421, EURO NIGHT).

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Night train Utrecht to Rosenheim starts at 14 EUR for a seat. Unless the seats are fully booked of course but usually sleeping accommodation sells out earlier than seats. Interrail reservations can be booked via ÖBB, see this step-by-step tutorial:

Seats are still available:

But also couchettes for 44 EUR.

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My suggestion for NL to Zagreb is to go from Utrecht to Zürich or Munich and catch there the Nighttrains to Zagreb as this would only use one travelday of a flexipass instead of two :) 


Utrecht - ICE - Basel - IC - Zürich (time for dinner) - Nighttrain- Zagreb 

Or Utrecht - Frankfurt - Munich - Nighttrain- Zagreb