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  • 22 July 2021
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Firstly, when I try reserve trains on a trip with more than just me, there is an error and no prices are shown and I am unable to reserve.

Then as I proceed to make my reservation seperately, it won’t let me proceed to pay for them.

Can anyone help me with these issues?


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6 replies

I'm having the exact same problems.

I am trying to book a trip from Utrecht (Netherlands) to Riksgränse (Sweden)
Both the journey from Hamburg to Korsoer and from Stockhom to Riksgränsen require a reservation.

When using a laptop instead of my phone, I was able to make a reservation. A few minutes later however, I received an email telling me that there was a glitch and my order failed. I've been trying over and over again, but without success.

I've tried to make reservations without buying a ticket from the railway companies directly, but that also didn't work out for me. Does anyone know how to get reservations for German or Swedish trains?

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Hi ngabramson, this is an issue on our side. As a workaround, please reinstall the app and make sure to update to the latest 18.1.1. app update. 

If the issue is still there, please enable the error logs in the app (go to '’more'’  → click on '’settings'’ in the top right corner and enable error logging. Once done, we ask you to perform the actions one last time (as with enabling this setting we have permission to follow your actions)


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Hi Olle, could you try again when using the incognito tab of your browser? 

Hi Nadja, thanks for your response,

In the meantime I managed to book a reservation on the SJ website, but I'll keep it in mind for next time.
I'm not sure if it was related, but one of the issues I stumbled upon was that the bed I tried to book via interrail only appeared to be available in the female compartments.

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In the meantime I managed to book a reservation on the SJ website, but I'll keep it in mind for next time.

The SJ website is the best option anyway for reservations in Sweden.

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Hi Olle, only if you are trying to book reservations for more than 1 traveller and you see '’not available'’, it is related to the issue mentioned in the thread. 

Good to hear you have been able to make the reservation you wanted.
It can have various reasons, so for the most accurate information on availability is to check on the train carriers website itself. Do keep in mind, as a general note, that some trains have limited available seat for Eurail and Interrail Pass holders. 

If you cannot find the option you are looking for you can always contact our Customer Support team directly or post it here, with all details, so that we can take a look with you :relaxed:

Tip: if you have a question, I would be best to create a separate topic, instead of posting it in another thread (even if you think it's related). This way other travellers can find your topic and the answer that was of help to you as well.