Seat Reservation Munich - Verona

  • 16 August 2021
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Hello all,

i want to travel from Munich to Verona tomorrow morning (07:36 am). When I want to book a seat reservation they say there are plenty seats available, but when i continue the payment it is said, that the connection is not available anymore. What can I do now? Can I call somewhere?


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Hi Anne, this reply comes to late unfortunately, but the answer might help you with your future train journeys. We don't always get the accurate availability in the Self-Service when searching for the trains. It is only verified when a trains is added to cart and trying to book it. When it turns out that the seat (for the Pass Holders) is in fact not available, then this error message pops-up. In such case, it is most likely sold out. You can always go to the railway carriers website to check if that is the case. If you are trying to make the reservation close to you travel date, you can also make your seat reservation at the station, or if fully booked ask for alternatives from the staff at the ticket office.