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Traveling from the US to Italy and Germany next month. Purchased a 4-day pass and have already saved my itinerary. I read that it's best not to activate your pass until you actually arrive in Europe since it can't be refunded once activated (just in case something happens last minute and the trip has to be cancelled) but I was wondering how far in advance I should be buying seat reservations?

Some of the trains I've picked require them but most are just recommended. I assume I should not wait until I land in Italy to buy them since the could possibly sell out.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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For Italy the best place to get reservations is but only on the desktop site, mobile lacks the option to add rail pass.

For Germany you can get reservations through or the DB app, just look for seat reservation only, it is not required or possible to add rail pass.


This website gives details about pass reservations.

If you want specific help then give routes and dates.

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Ich würde die Sitzplatzreservierungen so schnell wie möglich machen.meistens klappt es bis zu 3Monate im vorraus.Soll heißem,sobald die Route steht,buchen.

Es gibt aber auch immer wieder Züge(meistens etwas langsamer),die nicht reserviert werden müssen. 

Thanks everyone for your help