Seat Reservations and choosing seats

  • 26 May 2022
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I’ve read through a lot of the seat reservation posts and can’t find an answer, so here goes

Is there a facility within the seat booking process to be able to specify a choice of seats during the booking process? Window seat, forward facing - those sort of options

It would be great if actual seats could be booked, but I expect that is a step too far 

I’ve just received my pass and tried booking seats on Eurostar and TGV Lyria. The seats are available as it takes me right through to payment. But there is no screen to provide an option to choose a type of seat



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It's not possible to choose your seats when using our reservation self-service tool. These are automatically assigned. In practice, you might be able to switch to a different preferable seat once you're on the train as long as it has not been reserved by another passenger. 

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It depends per country and sometimes even per traintype. IF it is not possible before, it may-sometimes- be doable by calling the centre of the railway concerned. There is NO unified system, whatever snazzy USAer may find or think. The joys of travel_ 33 different countries each with their own habits.

It is also quite easy to at least lower the high expense for a direct train overtheborder by cross border on local train and use TGV only INside FRance.

Thanks AnnaB for the reply. I should have perhaps been more clear - it is the Eurail Seat reservation process I was querying

I’m aware of individual train companies where you can  - those that are relevant to how I will use the Pass next month, such as OBB and DB

If, on Eurail I’m just going to be allocated a seat that can’t be chosen or changed on say TGV Lyria, then it may impact one of my journeys home. To pay €37 extra for a seat on the lower deck with limited window, may change my journey

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If you make reservations at the national railway companies you can, at least for Sweden, choose your seat.

Here is a guide on how to make make reservations: