How to get Reservations :)

  • 31 May 2021
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  1. Hi if you are useing a Railpass there will be the point that a train needs a Reservation :) Many of you ask where to get a reservation for a specific train.

    There are several ways reserve a seat :)
    A. on the Website of the Traincompany that operate the train.

    B. at the trainstation (On major stations you have “International ticket desks” they often can reserve even trains in a different country for example you can reserve your TGV from Munich to Paris already in Vienna or Bratislava :) )

    C. Via the Railplanner app of  Eurail itself :)  a small service fee will be charged

    D. Via the booking Callcenter of a traincompany.

    E. Via a Reservation service website or a well experienced Railagency :)


6 replies

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Reservations for trains in Germany and many in and out to Germany :)

If you visit you can select the Seat only option :) But note doesn´t work for Thalys, TGV to France and OBB Nightjet trains.

Just click on this link and the Seat Only option that is marked above :)

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Reservations for trains in Czech Republic :) Here an example for a Nighttrain :) Bookingpage of Ceske Drahy (Czech Rail)

Please fill first your Journey details and the correct amount of travelers. no need to indicate you have a Railpass
Select your desired connection and click on "I want a Reservation Only”
Select your Travelcomfort and after that click on the redbox
Select your desired Comfort: 4 berth or 6 berth couchette and Triple, Double or Single sleeper Deluxe (shower and WC within compartment) or Normal (washbasin within compartment)

Important if you travel with 2 persons in a double or with 3 persons in a triple sleeper to tick the box we want to travel together in the same compartment
Please click here the we want to travel in the same compartment option if you want a "Private compartment" for you and your fellow travellers


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Here a short manual for Reservations on :) Website of Austrian Rail :) This is the manual for daytrains for Nighttrains please scrolldown to the next manual. For a manual how to pay the Germany/Austria - Italy Eurocity/Railjet supplement  please scrolldown to the overnext post :)


Please select your Route and click after that on the Book Ticket option (Even if you already have a Railpass)
If you click the via option you can search for a connection via a prefered station for example Innsbruck - Salzburg via Zell am See instead of the direct train.

Finally click on the seat only option to reserve just a seat.


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Nighttrain Reservations on :) Here a short manual how to reserve Nightjet and Nightjetpartner Services online.

Click at the link to get a reservation for nighttrains then fill in your desired route and traveldate after that click on book ticket

Berlin - Przemysl, Munich - Zagreb ,Vienna - Bucharest , Zuerich - Budapest you can reserve here aswell (Nightjet Partner Trains)  or the special Interrail offer for the Route to Lviv and Kiev

Berlin - Przemysl, Munich - Zagreb ,Vienna - Bucharest , Zuerich - Budapest you can reserve here aswell (Nightjet Partner Trains)
Click here on once more on Single and Daytickets (even with a Railpass)
You get a first overview of trains with few fares these are normal fares for non railpass holders. To get the railpassholders fare click please on the top right "Who is going" at Change.
Here you can select who is traveling. After you set the correct ammount of travlers please click on each traveler at the "Add Discount"
Ad the end of the list of discountcards you should find Interrail/Eurail. Just click on it and after that "Confirm" under the list and finally Confirm at the top right corner
Yet you can see the starter fares for railpassholders. 14€ is the standard Eurail/Interrail reservation for a seat on international Nightjet trains. If you want more comfort (Couchette or Sleeper just click on the 14€ and after that you can select the differrent travelcomfort categorys.
For example a private seating compartment for you and your fellow travelers only or a private couchette compartment for your family (up to 6)  Note that these Private Compartments offer are a own ticket no need to use a a Interrailpass if you select one of these offers :)
Or of course the standard reservations for shared seat compartments, couchette & sleeper compartments. (A single sleeper means you have a compartment for your own)


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Daytrain Reservation on :)

Write here the desired Route
You can add stops if you click in the redmarked area or just click in they yellow marked area to get seats.


Merci beaucoup pour tous ces renseignements. Je viens d effectuer la réservation du train de nuit Ljubljiana Munich en couchette avec la réduction interrail :)