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  • 20 October 2022
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I have tried online, books and various chats, including national train companies and nobody seems to know how to travel from central europe (Germany or Austriafor example) to Serbia. It is a long trip which I do not mind but I do not want to just go without and schedule or reservations.  My own travel in the past was before Yugoslavia broke up so that doesn’t hrlp


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6 replies

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Has been posted here zillions of times by now; there is NO train over the border there in the split-offs of the old Yugosl.-there is very limited inland service. Main means of transp these days is the 2nd hand car or the bus. On you can find hints on the ´use train as much as can´ with short bus /walk/taxi sectors to cover the gaps-but this will lead to much longer total trip time.

Some of these lines are now under complete renovation.but that will take time.And even the replacement bus that ran from HU till into Serbijje-for onward, is now cancelled.

The only tiny good news is that RES are not needed as such or cannot be made for these short lines. Also expect very last minute news as: ´not train today, it is broke!´

thanks, I sort of am not surprised but it would be helpful to have that information easily accessible, I inquired all over and was given wrong information.  Having a Eurail pass for Serbia really sounds useless, if you basically have to fly there to start.

And my experience (about 7000 km this year) is that reservations do not help much, except to guarantee they won’t kick you of the train.  The train schedules are so messed up long distance travel is a game of chance - at least in Germany 

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Hi, there are trains to Montenegro (one). I will search the question that other have ask amd post it here.

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I understand the situation has changed in the meantime: there is no train anymore between Subotica and Kelebia and no more rail replacement bus Kelebia - Szeged. But there is a regular bus service Subotica - Szeged:

Subotica = Szabatka

(The links on the equivalent English page don't work.)