Train station counter, B-europe and all do not work for Interrail reservations...

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@amadeu the issue with the reservation tool has been resolved as of yesterday afternoon, so you should be able to use it again. Cheers, 

@Nanja I'm also seeing the same issue again. I cleared cache and cookies but when I click on "Book reservations”, I can log in but after that nothing happens. The form to search for connections does not appear anymore.

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@amadeu  Lucky it work for you. Was it the Agentur Lennestadt? (Maybe use it as the last hope for Interrail/Eurail :) like back in the days the Wastels Travelagency in Budapest (there are due some struggles history) 

I usually use one of these but Lennestad is not mentioned 😕 and most of them charge a service fee or even offer the service just when you bought the pass with them.