Why can't I find a fast train from Milan to Rome?

  • 21 November 2022
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I am busy planning my itinerary for a European trip with my 18 year old son next year and I can’t seem to find any fast trains from Milan to Rome on May 18th. We have global passes and I’ve managed to do a reservation on Eurostar already. Is it too early to find them for Italian legs of our journey? I notice there are tonnes at the moment but the only train routes I can find for next May are 14 to 22 hours long for that leg. Yikes! We have a tight schedule at that end of the trip so want to know if I should wait or just book another carrier that’s not part of Eurail. Any insights or advice?


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Most trains in Europe release reservations 2 to 3 months before travel date and on lines like Milan to Rome there will always be many trains throughout the day so don’t worry at this stage. I needed a booking in Italy this year and  it was finally available about 6 weeks before travel. 

For reservations for domestic Italian trains use the site but be sure to add the Interrail/Eurail pass discount for each passenger, do not use the seat only option - just ask if unsure.

Wonderful! Thank you! 

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Where are you looking? I see plenty of trains on

The rail planner app and don't get enough updates to be reliable and should not be used for any planning. Use national websites or apps; for international planning, the DB website or DB Navigator app is a good choice.

Edit: sorry, I was looking at the wrong date. It seems Trenitalia hasn't provided the timetable yet for 6 March and later. I suggest to look at the timetable for the same day of the week a few months earlier. 18 May is Ascension day, so expect Sunday timetables.

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Waaaaaaaaaaaaat too early, as is the case in about 99% of these worried postings from far overseas.

FRECCE hi-speed trains will run even then at last hourly (on normal weekdays in the peaks up to 3 - 4 /hr).