Adding journeys to an active travel day while travelling

  • 1 April 2024
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I have only used paper passes before, but this summer I will use the mobile pass. When using the mobile pass, I have to add journeys to my pass to activate a travel day and make the journey appear on the ticket of that travel day.

My question is; do I have to add all the journeys of single a travel day before I activate and start that travel day, or can I continue to add journeys to that same travel day when I’m on the move and when that travel day has already started?

Let’s say that I start a travel day by taking the morning train from Berlin to Munich. The plan is, then, to spend a few hours in Munich, before I continue to Salzburg. All in one travel day. As I start that trip, and as I arrive in Munich, I still don’t know for how many hours I will stay before I continue my trip. So, regarding the mobile pass, I want to add the journey from Berlin to Munich, activate the travel day and make that trip. Then, when I feel that I have had enough of Munich, I want to add the next journey to Salzburg. Is this possible?

With the paper pass, this was conveniently handled (as you filled in the journey in the travel diary just before you entered the train), but for the mobile pass, I haven’t found anything that says that this is still possible. So, please help me here.


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You don't have to decide anything in advance. With a mobile pass, you have the same flexibility as with a paper pass. You can add trains to your pass as the day progresses. You can even change the train you're travelling on, e.g. because you decide to leave it at an earlier stop than planned.

Perfect. Thank you!