Haven't got a vaccine. Travel possible?

  • 12 January 2022
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Hi guys, looking to do a bit of travelling in the coming months all being well. Haven’t got my covid vaccine and won’t have got it by the time I plan on travelling, however I have recently had covid (tested positive 31st December 2021) and recovered since. Would I be able to get into most countries by showing them proof that i have had covid within the last 6 months and following that up with producing a negative test upon entry into that country? Just let me know honestly what my chances are like if you have experience of this or know anyone who have had a similar situation. Appreciate any replies.

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2 replies

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WHERE you from? IF you are from EU-or another country also using that scheme with QR-codes, then you have to turn to the institution that doles out these codes for its citizens.

IF you are from out of EU-and hence aim for EUrail: you will need that code, as about any hotel/restrt and now also most long-dist trains/buses/planes-in some countries even all, will want to see and check it before boarding. As a travelling tourist you cannot escape this. There are different procedures for people from outside EU to have their own certificate turn into that QR-code, go to a general touristy forum like on tripadvisor to read-most likely it has already been answered a zillion times.

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Information about requirement can be found here:


https://apply.joinsherpa.com/travel-restrictions (set your nationality; by default it's “USA")