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  • 17 January 2023
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Hello! I am planning to use Eurail but i am travelling with my girlfriend and we both have 20kg luggage. We would like to know if we can travel with those luggage inside the train or do we need to pay some extra fees on this ?

Thanks for the help! 


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On all trains covered by Interrail/Eurail: No, just as long as you can carry it. Be aware stowing away large suitcases on busy trains can be a bit difficult, but there often are luggage racks.


There are some exceptions on “low-cost” trains, that I know: Ouigo (France & Spain) and Avlo (Spain). These are not covered by any pass, but if you for some reason end up booking separate tickets for these you will have to pay a supplement for luggage.

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IMO, 20 kg is too much for comfortable travelling. Slim it down to 12 or even 10 kg. Wash your clothes during your trip. Check if you really need everything.

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I agree with the people above. You’ll be taking trains, no planes. There’s no limit on the luggage on 99% of the trains.

You might have difficulties stowing your luggage away or going up or down the steps in stations or on double decker trains though. If you plan to travel through the UK-trains (especially Avanti). Space on the trains is a bit more limited there.


Thanks everyone!!  Yes ill be checking the weight of my luggage, it was just an example. Because at the moment of taking a flight i would need to pay for this “extra” luggage. But your comments were really helpful!

Have a great day everyone!!


Be safe.