Different availability for Eurail vs Interrail

  • 21 November 2023
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I have been using the belgian rail website as recommended by another member in order to check the availability for pass holders of trains in France and the eurostar to London, however, it is not showing the same availability for Eurail and Interrail passes. 

As I live in Europe I need an Interrail pass.  I want to travel from London to Lille or Paris on the 27th of December (2 passengers), when Interrail is selected then there is no availability at all, when Eurail is selected, all the trains appear to be available.  Is this just some kind of glitch?  I can’t think why there would be a different number of seats for Interrail vs Eurail passes. 

I don’t want to buy the pass if the train is not available and I don’t know which one to trust, would it be a problem to book the reservation under a Eurail pass but actually have an Interrail pass?  Is there a better/different website I should try?



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There is no difference at all. Could you please post screenshots of what you see ?

On my side on 27th December the 07:26 train from London to Lille is available whether with Eurail or Interrail. More trains on 28th December but not many. There are 2 more morning trains to Brussels (which do not stop in Lille).

In any case book ASAP. In a few days all those trains won’t have passholder seats left.

Worst case : there are always the Newhaven - Dieppe or Dover - Calais ferries as alternatives.

EDIT : remember that you only have 2 outbound/inbound days for travelling in your own country. Those are not extra pass days and can happen at any time.

If you wish to do Scotland - London - Lille/Paris in a day (or two) keep that in mind.

Questions welcome. I’ll gladly help ! Crossing the Channel is always a bottleneck, afterwards it’s easier.