• 15 December 2023
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I would like to buy a pass for 1-month Eurorail pass to visit different country in Europe.

The plan is take the train at night for each city, start the first train at night in Paris to Rome, to stay almost 3 days and then take the train to go a Piza, for a day, and then to Florence to stay 2 days, and then go to Venice for 3 days and then Milano for 1 day, after take to Saint Morits – Vienne 2 days, Berlin 3, Amsterdam 2, Copenhagen 1, Stokholm 1, Oslo 1, Bruxelles 1 day, London 1, Madrid 2, Portugal 2

Looking for some suggestions on the above trip. 

what would be the best option?

Please help me plan this trip. Thanks a lot.


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This won't work I'm afraid. First of all night trains are far from common in Western Europe (but they're coming back), killed by high-speed trains and low-cost flights. Here's a map :

Of course try to include one or two if you can. They're really popular and also expensive so book in advance.

Paris - Rome isn't be doable by night, it'll be a long travel day via Geneva/Lausanne.

I'd advise to spend 2 nights in each place : you don't want to repeat 6-10h of travel every day !

Keep at least Madrid and Portugal for another trip. You can also use your pass for max 2 days in your own country.

I'd go to Italy and then go north through Austria and Germany to Sweden, finishing with the Netherlands and Belgium. This is a very very rough plan.

Take into account the extra reservation costs in some countries :

Questions welcome.